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2023-11-29 Save Game, Avatar Pic
I was only going to test today but there were a few little items I wanted to work on, if time permitted. Well, time seemed to be permitting these.

Gear Crash
I trapped a really rare crash the other day. Was flying along in a space rocket and the game crashed while painting the icon on the screen of my current item in hand.

This was a very difficult bug to find, involving a read/write lock. I'm not sure that I got it. We'll see. This one is a bit too esoteric to try to explain.

Avatar Image
I miss having a picture of my avatar on the bio page.

Restored the bio page image using a different kind of widget. It's the one used when picking an avatar at the beginning. It lets you pan, turn, and zoom. A tool tip says what to do.

Save Game Comment
I found myself wishing I could identify game saves with a comment.

When Save Game is pressed, a dialog requests a comment. This is optional.

A review of translation strings showed quite a few had crept in that needed translating to French.

I translated all remaining untranslated strings to French. I used an online English to French translator. Fingers are crossed that the result makes sense.
Comments are good for save games. Nice add.
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