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favorite or funniest moments in the game
I suggest you tell me your funny or any moments in such a great game when it was still an MMO and alive

Here’s my example: we had the leader Paleolithic, he taught me how to fly a spaceship, and he showed me the handbrake, and I accidentally turned it on at full speed, and we flew into a rock, and the spaceship couldn’t stand it and exploded! no one survived, but it was funny with the Paleolithic reaction
1. My first moonlanding back in 2014 and seeing my homeworld and homecity from the moon's surface. I was in awe. Also the first time leaving the planet.
2. Ordering my crew to fly to orbit while looking down through an opened door.
3. Ordering my crew to fly to orbit while standing at the city and see it fly off by itself.
4. OnePercent and myself taking 3 ships to blockade and capture another empire's planet (I think it was the evil Pony Empire or maybe an empire from the guy behind Rome). One of them came online and we had a nice fight. I had 6 mini ships called troop modules which each had 36 troops and 2 crewmembers parked onboard a larger ship. I remember when I landed one of these one of the people involved called it Zerg. It made me regret not joining larger empires earlier.
5. Trying to move my 100+ ship fleet all at the same time. The game crashed and since that day I decided to separate the fleet over at least 2 systems and never get all of them in the same system again.
6. Just seeing 30+ ships in orbit of my homeworld, neatly parked to make it look like they are in formation.
7. Driving a car onto a dropship, docking it at a larger ship, ordering the crew to fly to another system and doing the same thing in reverse order. So cool.
8. Taking part in this joint diplomatic 20-Arc ringworld with afew other empires. Iirc it was a former Syndicate RW.

These are all mostly memories from 2014-2016. Espcecially the first half of 2014 before the shutdown I would often go to sleep with a huge smile on my face. Someone had told me about a game very similir to this in 1999 or 2000 and ever since that day I dreamed about such a game. I don't know if it was Hazeron or another game, but when I discovered Hazeron it fullfilled this dream and even surpassed it. So much dopamine was released in 2014 :D

But the most memorable moment was when I bought a first ship from hard labor at factories, it was a 3x7x1 courier with minimal drives and cargo.
I flew to the moon, landed at the gem mine and hand harvested some gems to fly back and sell them down at the capital city.
I raised my head and saw the planet in the sky. It was amazing. The twin cities across the stream. Clouds and oceans. Small fireflies of the ships coming and going to supply wharfs.

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