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2018-09-12 Farm Animals, Explosives, Bugs
Farm Animals
New style farms never spawn a live farm animal.

Finished animal spawn code at new style buildings. Like old style buildings, they will spawn one or two farm animals, depending on the manufacturing process. Most animal processes spawn one animal. The process to make Animal Carcasses spawns two live animals, one male and one female.

Search Star Map
A search function was requested.

Search function added to star map to search sector names, system names, system catalog names, city names, city empire names, spacecraft names, and spacecraft empire names.

Catalog Names
It was requested that the catalog names of solar systems be shown in more places, particularly for those that have been given a name.

Solar system catalog names now appear...
  • XML Output tagged as 'catalog', if the catalog name is different from the system name; otherwise it is omitted.
  • Mission travel orders user interface now shows system catalog names.
  • Star map places tree control shows catalog name with system name.
Misc. Category Query Sales Button
The window for asking for things for sale has buttons to ask for whole categories of things, except the misc. category.

Misc. category now has a query button on the ask for sales window.

Galaxy Button Init State
The galaxy button did not show the proper up|down state when the star map window was displayed.

Fixed init of galaxy button. It was somehow related to the initial focus granted to the button. I don't know if this was a problem on Windows.

Star Map Empire Change Fail
My avatar changed empires but the star map still showed as if I was in the old empire.

Fixed star map update when avatar empire changes.

Design Properties Scroll Area
The slider bars on the design properties window can become so numerous the window becomes unusable.

Added a scroll area to the block of volume slider bars.

Space Fighter Lock Up Near Ringworld
My client locked up when I flew a space fighter off the side of a ringworld.

Fixed infinite loop in number formatter triggered by maximum negative integer number.

Star Map Yellow Everywhere
Lots of systems on my star map are showing up yellow. They used to be a different color.

Fixed color applied to explored systems.

Airport on Trade Channel
Airports now listen on the Hail channel. This is confusing. It was better when cities listened on the Trade channel.

Airports and Military Air Terminals now listen on the Trade channel instead of the Hail channel.

Designer Lingering UI
Attempt to enter designer while riding a motor bike. Entry fails but the menu bar for the designer become visible and won't go away easily.

Fixed UI configuration when entering a design studio instance. 

Lunar Farms no Water
Lunar farms never import water for irrigation, to substitute for water in the environment.

Manufacturing processes now import water when they can substitute water for environmental water. Not all processes can substitute, such as the treatment plant process to gather water from the environment.

Buildings on Ringworld Map
New style buildings do not appear correctly on the ringworld map. They tend to draw a huge solid box that extends infinitely to the west and north.

Fixed division by zero error when painting new style buildings on ringworld maps.

Enemy Unit on World
A building could not be constructed because an enemy unit was reported to be on the world. Scanners did not detect it.

Enemy units inside of buildings will prevent construction and they do not show up on sensors.

Fixed an error that was considering animals inside of buildings to be enemy units. They are now ignored.

Galaxy Capital Alt Spawn
When an avatar respawns, their spawn city may be unavailable. It could be captured or destroyed, or its server can be locked|crashed|unavailable. When that happens, the avatar is sent to the empire capital instead. This is sometimes on the other side of the discontinuity.

When the berthed spacecraft and spawn tied city cannot be found, the avatar is now sent to the galaxy capitol if possible. If that fails, they are sent to the empire capitol.

Essential Priority Jobs
Essential priority jobs take every worker, which can starve other jobs of workers.

Essential priority jobs are no longer treated as essential once their stock of essential supplies exceeds 10% of their storage.

Observatory + Radar != Survey Scan
New style cities do not automatically survey the solar system when they have an observatory and radar, the way old style cities do.

New style cities will now survey scan the system when they have an observatory and radar. Survey scans are performed during the city report cycle, at 13 minute intervals. That means it could take up to 13 minutes after you build the buildings for the system survey to be completed.

Slab Looks Like a Slab
Road level grading draws the pavement differently, like an old style slab. Slabs aren't treated differently any more so why draw them differently?

Level graded roads are no longer textured or modeled differently from sloping roads.

Shield Policy Bug
The shield policy to raise shields if any non empire units are detected does not work correctly, seems backward.

Fixed backward 'if' test when checking shield policy.

Troop to Post Deadlock
A troop caused a server deadlock while going to an empty guard post.

Fixed deadlock.

Items with explosive properties should explode when they are damaged. Bombs can be diffused by shooting them.

Fixed a bug that enabled bombs to be destroyed without exploding. Once the fuse was initiated, they were getting cleaned up as trash before they could explode.

Added explosive ammunition to the items that explode when shot. That is any ammo that has a blast radius.

Added a few other misc. items that seemed like they should explode: hydrogen, natural gas, phlogiston, viathol, gigacells, and petrochemicals. I gave them damage effects that seemed appropriate. They might be a little vigorous.

Star Map Column Widths
It would be nice if the star map tree control would remember the column widths I set.

Stored/restored column widths on star map tree control.

Server Deadlock
A server deadlocked when a player tried to hand craft a sailboat.

Fixed gear lock deadlock when handcrafting a vehicle.

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