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Lunar Company recruiting
[Image: the_flag_of_the_new_lunar_republic__no_t...82-pre.jpg]

The Lunar Company announces a search for candidates for senior corporate positions.

Are you tired of being at the very bottom of the top? Don't like to play alone? Do you want to compete less and feel more useful? Do you want to create, but the endless search for the best resources is killing you? Or vice versa, do you want to explore the galaxy, but there is no way to build even a slow space boat? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then you've come to the right place!

Our company is relatively young and has recently appeared on the galactic arena. However, this does not prevent us from continuously striding into the future with great enthusiasm. The activity of our company is primarily aimed at space trade and the development of creative activities. The idea of any war is unprofitable and unpleasant for us.

If you are interested in this, then you will probably ask yourself the question "What can I do in an already builded empire?". Actually a lot of things! Managing a large empire takes up most of the mental resources and it is very difficult for one person to cope with all the tasks. Moreover, there is so much space for action here that in some cases you may not even notice the difference between playing in a foreign empire and playing alone. We respect the right to creative freedom.

So, what, in fact, can be done in our company if you decide to take the position of director:
I) Exploration of surrounding systems  -  More than half of our resources have a quality of 255. But this is not enough. Not to mention, the more ringworlds you find, the better.
II) Planetary, system or sector development  -  We can give you a whole sector (and we have in mind a few with luxurious landscapes), in which you can build up as you please, in return giving only a part of the officers, money and sometimes a resource.
III) Logistics  -   Managing resources, issuing tasks, and managing brokers takes a lot more time than you might think. However, this is a very important position.
IV) Protecting our territories  -  The development of military bases, space stations and battleships also requires a lot of attention, and there is no salvation from pirates at all.
V) PR management  -  We have a few bussines partners and we need to perform multiple tasks associated with it. Including securing trade routes, establishing trade outposts, or reconnaissance in place
VI) Deep Space exploration  -   The interests of our empire extend to our galaxy as well as most others. It takes a lot of respectable work to expand, find special places, or just pave the way.

These are our top priorities, but nothing limits you from choosing a few commitments, expanding them, or choosing something new. Of course, in all cases, you get the benefit of our advanced corporate economy, and you won't need anything to worry.

We will be extremely glad to any new face, so if you are interested - write to this thread or to my discord account at WandererPony#6745

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