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2018-08-31 Server Deadlock, Mounts, Environment
Server Deadlock
A server deadlocked due to a complex query involving the environment.

Fixed deadlock situation.

Orientation on Mount Wrong
When I mounted an animal, I found myself sitting at a 90 degree angle to its body, with my head sticking off to the side.

Fixed orientation problem introduced by environment query changes.

Fog Render Error
Enter atmosphere in a space fighter. Fly to the ground without moving your dude. Atmospheric fog is incorrect until you move.

Updated environment query when vehicle or spacecraft environment changes.

Environment Query Lag
Servers are working a little too hard after the environment query changes.

Found/fixed some code that was invalidating the environment query data unnecessarily.

University Morale
University does not give its morale bonus unless it is actively researching patents.

University morale bonus is now counted, even if it is not researching anything.

City reports now show total number of levels of manufacturing buildings, plus the number of levels in use. Previously, it was only reporting the number of manufacturing jobs enabled at each building (the "in use" number). That is why the university did not affect morale unless it was researching patents.

Stuck When No Wormhole
Crew got stuck on a wormhole to system order when no wormhole existed.

Navigator now plots a direct course to the target system when no wormhole route can be determined.

Carcass Immune To Lava
Animal carcass on the ground seems to be immune to lava.

Items that fall into lava are now destroyed quickly.

Special Weapon Hits Mount
When using the special weapon on my mount, an area effect weapon will hurt the mount.

Area effect special weapons are harmless against other creatures with the same DNA as the attacker. The attack code was modified to allow for two DNAs that are immune to the weapon effect, the mount and the rider. This also protects the mount if the rider uses an area effect weapon.

Slow Down Due to Burden
Leg movements should go slower as I get more heavily burdened.

Various body rhythms are now slowed by burden, as appropriate.

Running Mount Turns/Walks
My mount stops running and walks if I turn it slightly while it is auto running. Similarly, my avatar drops to a walk if I move left|right while auto running.

Fixed movement controls to keep running when appropriate.

Mount Stamina Never Decreases
It doesn't seem like mount stamina decreases anymore.

Fixed an error in a data packet sent to the server while riding a mount.

Vehicle Destroyed Where?
Generic "Vehicle destroyed" mail notification seems to not bear location data.

Added location information to the death mail message sent by a destroyed vehicle.

Empire Standings Scoring by Worlds
Empire standings should be ranked according to worlds, rather than population. This would be a better measure of how expansive an empire is, without motivating players to max out the population on every world they claim.

Empire standings are now scored based on the number of worlds on which an empire has a city or military base. This was changed a while ago but I don't remember if I announced it here.

No City Facilities
Cities window no longer shows the facilities present at each base and city, unless you destroy or build something there.

Fixed an error when initializing the state of the facilities report at server start.

Air Construction Material
Air is required as a construction material for buildings that have life support systems. The amount of air is huge compared to other components.

Air was removed as a construction material from buildings. It was there from code copied from spacecraft; they require it because it is their lifetime supply of air; they never need a recharge.
(08-31-2018, 06:50 PM)Haxus Wrote: Vehicle Destroyed Where?
Generic "Vehicle destroyed" mail notification seems to not bear location data.

Added location information to the death mail message sent by a destroyed vehicle.

Can we get the same for spacecraft? This isn't very informative:
⤷ Spacecraft Destroyed

      2018-09-01 20:51
      Structure buckled due to excess damage.

I was piloting someone else's spacecraft, and collided with the core of a gas giant at 24 meters per second. A more accurate descriptive cause would be nice too, such as "the spacecraft was completely pancaked when it collided with the surface at 24 meters per seconds".

PS: What is the highest speed we can hit terrain at without taking damage?
Shores of Hazeron Wiki Moderator User: Deantwo
24 m/s? and it flattened the ship instantly? is landing gear immune? it should be...
24 meters in one second. That is 53.7mph. Try that with a bus.
(09-05-2018, 12:52 PM)Haxus Wrote: 24 meters in one second. That is 53.7mph. Try that with a bus.

Yeah, issue was that I couldn't see the ground until it was right in my face. XD
Gas giant cores are super dark like that, and I had no sense of depth since my sensor target was on the opposite side of the core.
Some kind of altitude highlight redered on the surface would make piloting in the dark a lot easier. Like if we got a wirefram of the nearby surface.

Anyway, how fast can we hit the grount without going kaboom? As in before damage starts.
Shores of Hazeron Wiki Moderator User: Deantwo

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