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Making metal from bullion doesn't consume bullion
Seen with city reports. Millions of fast and easy Q255 metal is made from bullion at no cost.

Side note: Metals (Magmium, Vulcium and Adamantium) are also all producing at thousands of times the rate they should be, creating way too much value. That is a wider issue reported here:
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(05-20-2020, 01:35 AM)Vhwatgoes Wrote: Seen with city reports. Millions of fast and easy Q255 metal is made from bullion at no cost.

I can confirm this isn't a fluke. I was able to reproduce it. However, I would object to this being completely removed as it would provide incentive for people to produce large amounts of Bullion which gives the currency value. It is money market economics, I'm not sure it is a bug though it may look like one to an individual who didn't understand economics or wasn't aware of valuing in the currency aspect.

So if 5170 bullion makes 100 metal at Q255 that means that the value of 100 metal units @ Q255 is 5170. You can then evaluating other commodities based on this standard of assessment. So if 5170 bullion for 100 mental, then surely magmium's value is 25% more, vulcium is 50% more and adamantine is 75-100% more with adjustments for quality level taken into account. So this "bug" establishes the baseline for the entire currency market. It is also not without resource consumption, I mean if you want to mint that much Bullion to make that much Q255 metal when you could be finding Vulcium or adamantine that is your deal.
I just figured it was a result of the "government account and citizens account" split not existing in new-style cities at all yet. Citizens aren't taxed, there is no government funds, all minted money can just be taken right out of the bank, and production that uses money don't actually consume it.
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