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Space Trucker Experience
I'm the type of player that played a Hauler in EVE and I enjoy running cargo from one location to another in SoH.  I like that I can do these activities while I attend to real life.

Behavior Suggestions
  • Add a mission order to pickup all broker containers going to a given destination - This would allow automation of broker delivery routes with officers or make life easier for those of us that like to ship a high number of various commodities between systems.
  • Add a mission order to pickup all broker containers from a given city - The opposite of the above mission order.
  • Add a load time for containers - As a balance for allowing players to issue orders to take all containers, the process of loading containers could take an amount of time.  Optionally this could depend on whether there is a teleporter available, whether the ship is at a station, or at an airport, etc.
Space Craft Suggestions
  • Add cargo mounting points to the space ship designer - These points would be visually filled with cargo containers as the hold space fills. This would be a cool way to visualize the load in the hold or even externally for that modular space hauler feel.
  • Add a cargo-master crew member and console - A console for managing cargo holds that if manned could reduce loading times if that feature were implemented and/or allow players to find good prices for goods in the hold in known systems.
+ Add a timer on the containers. Pay to the ship proportional to the remaining time on the timer upon delivery.
I'll say the paid price need to be displayed for the delivery, and add a proportionnal fee for early deliveries like Anr said.
Actually it's kind of annoying to think you'll gain 1 billion dollars - but it's the price if you deliver it instantly, and it decrease really quickly.

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