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Small Designer Improvements
The most glaring annoyance with the designer, in my opinion, is how it makes editing difficult. This is because it has a very weak sense of semantic grouping in the form of rooms/associations and hides important information such as transporter pads. By doing this, the designer impedes organisation and makes iterative workflows a drudgery. Therefore, I suggest the following:
  • Hierarchical node grouping system like in Blender. This will allow more natural semantic groupings separate from the ones needed for lighting, turbolift operation and doors. It will also make accessing the otherwise hidden properties of nodes easier, as they can be represented as children of the parent node.
  • As implied by the first point, reification of the hidden properties of nodes. Things like seat location, seat type, emitter location, weapon style, transporter pads, etc. should all be visible and/or manipulable.
This would also obviate the need for some of the operations like the one that sets emitter location and enlarge the scope of modular parts.

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