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'Search Nearby Systems' Reveals Planets and Ringworlds
Going to the Star Map Solar System Seach....

[Image: tp3AbTI.png]

In the menu, since the filters only give results of scanned systems, leave them blank and only enter a parsec range. Receiving a full list feels like bypassing the limited filters, but it also has a generous but limited range.

[Image: rpq02QO.png]

"Observed, not Surveyed" status doesn't reveal resources, but reveals world dimensions and a few other things.

It feels like an exploit compared to how Ringworlds have been traditionally discovered.
Formerly, Ximulator,
I can confirm this bug. I am able to see the worlds in a solar system that is unexplored via the survey search tool.

You are not supposed to be able to see anything other than stars (black holes and neutron stars included) in systems that you haven't explored.

The XML export correctly only has stars, as it should.

That means that this is only an issue in the client's memory. It is likely downloading the whole solar system survey for all sectors included in the starmap refresh.

That might also explain why the XML export is so slow now. It has to filter all the information we aren't meant to get out. Or at least we still need those options to exclude certain things from the XML export, such as content of unexplored solar systems or un-surveyed solar systems.
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