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Resource Quality inaccurate/Rock Layer intermittently shifting.
[Image: QKHO9h5.png]

The reported resource qualities does not match up with the resources I am actually mining.
I feel that this may also have to do with the phenomenon I experienced recently where the following occurred.

I had established my city and placed mines and wells to acquire resources.

After logging out for a day and logging back in, I placed a mine to harvest Crystals, but when the mine was built, there was no option for Crystals to be mined despite both the resource icon with the number of nodes being in that location, despite the rock models being in that location and capable of being collected.

The same occurred for all other resources.

I logged out and logged in with another character and all of the resource icons had moved, and the rock layer had updated to match. This would explain why new resources couldn't be collected from a newly placed mine before I logged in with a different character.

All existing mines were mining the resources that were visible until I logged in with a different character which apparently updated the rock layer on my client.

After my client had "updated" after logging in with the different character, all existing mines had their processes wiped and were mining nothing. The list of available processes only showed options for the available resources which was now accurate to the system scan.

I logged out and logged in today, and the rock layer and resource icons were back to their original state when I first established my city, which does not match up with the system scan.

So as it stands right now, I am collecting resources from a rock layer that is not what the planet is supposed to have. I cannot reproduce whatever triggers the switch between the accurate rock layer from generating and the inaccurate rock layer from generating.

I just logged in and the resource icons/rock layer position is the same but the quality of those resources now match the planet's scan data. Something is still flip-flopping

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