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Deaf Ear Audio Panning
Audio sources only play in both ears while facing about +/-45 degrees at or away from them. Turning more than 45 degrees will cause one ear to go deaf to the noise. Only after turning another ~90 degrees will the noise to return, a substantial dead zone. This can be acceptable on some speaker systems where your room helps simulate, but not on headphones.

Noises should always be heard at some level in both ears (about 10% to 25% volume, or a -20dB to -6dB reduction at 90 degrees). With the current dead zones, hearing a sound perpendicular to you will only let you feel it's direction within +/- 45 degrees. 

Below is an example of ship engines, but driving SUVs are also a good example. Pay attention to the turning marks and channel levels at the bottom. 

A good way feel it out is by closing your eyes and doing a 360 while guessing the audio direction. This can be done in-game or outdoors for comparison.
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