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Lost In Space?
Not sure if this is the same issue but here it is. 
I have a ship (Anti Flux II ID. BQUXK) that is not lost but is 3 sectors away from where it should be and unresponsive to commands from Helm or crew.
Ship does have an officer in command with full crew and does acknowledge my orders.
I can unberth from ship and recall to home city hail ship reberth and recall to it.
  This may not be a bug because I had 2 avatars get stuck as will today.
Ship got stuck between log out and log in last night.
I agree with Mal ..the game's broken atm. I'ma work on my blender designs till it's playable again.
I plan on living forever far so good!
Today's update has fixed this issue Smile
I plan on living forever far so good!

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