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2019-12-12 Officer Trade, Server Deadlock
Server Deadlock
A server deadlocked last night while a world was being destroyed by asteroids.

This was a great bug to flush out. The relevant code hasn't changed in years but the flurry of activity involved in hitting a world with all those asteroids made the deadlock situation happen. It's a good day.

Officer Trade
Officer could not buy tools at an airport.

Fixed numerous bugs that were preventing this from working.

Request Cargo Bug
Landed at airport in ship without transporters. Requested cargo for sale. No answer.


Trade With City On Road
Ship cannot trade with a city while sitting on a road of the city.

Fixed. The ship has to be on a road. The location of the ship must be within the city limits, as defined by its capitol and police station jurisdictions.

Government Target Value
Government target value was used as the basis for assassination mission payments. It was multiplied by an empire reward value that no longer exists. The result is that the payment for assassination missions is very low.

Government target value is now expressed in cronos. It will appear on the avatar's web page that way. That is the amount that the payment for assassination missions will be.

Conditions Error
An error message keeps appearing while loading avatars from the database. Something about a bad condition.

Fixed an error reading pregnancy conditions that were stored before the DNA change.

Founded City Stats
Someone suggested that showing all the cities founded by every avatar was giving away too much information about them.

Removed city stats from avatar web pages. Also removed solar system name containing their home building, which appeared there briefly.
I'm not sure if this is more widespread, but it seems Robert of Molesmes' avatar page became corrupt recently. He is reported as being an Insectoid, among other things, while clearly being an Avian (other members of his species are correctly reported as Avian.) Doesn't bother me but thought you would like to know?
The species is Steak Bug. That is the name someone gave to the DNA when it is all zeros. It appears as a tiny greenish head, about the size of a walnut.

It sounds like Robert's DNA is broken. If there is another avatar or NPC with the proper DNA, I can easily copy it to Robert.
Any update on that Targoss not appearing bug btw? Just asking since a few new players seem to have no idea about the stargazer or asteroid as a result of Targoss never telling them
What even
(12-12-2019, 09:24 PM)Haxus Wrote: The species is Steak Bug. That is the name someone gave to the DNA when it is all zeros. It appears as a tiny greenish head, about the size of a walnut.

If that is the default placeholder/bug DNA, maybe name it something else? Assuming the actual DNA owner isn't using it.
A name like "Placeholder DNA 0" or "Forgotten DNA 0" would work I guess.
Shores of Hazeron Wiki Moderator User: Deantwo
Targoss is fixed, pending next server update, probably right away in the morning.
Would you consider giving Robert one extra upgrade token instead? Even if you just have to remember it and I ask again later. Since I have to fix him I'd rather make him a gen4 than another gen3, but before this happened I was planning to wait for more features.
That sounds like a great way to fix Robert.
Robert's new look in progress. Going for a walk in the Infinite Featureless Park with his sis and his little hat on.
One day he'll have a puppy dog, too. Pets, Haxus?

[Image: ZYbIvoI.png]
Oop, spam bot is back, time to randomize the version number.

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