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2018-05-29 Server Lag, Server IP Address Change, Old Bug Reports
Server Lag
Servers are working too hard doing something.

The function to update patents at each building, which runs every six minutes, was taking a large amount of time due to some inefficient searching. Made some changes to speed up that query. Buildings that were taking a full second to update their patents now take 1 millisecond. Other buildings take only a few microseconds.

This bug was so pervasive, affecting every single building, that a server restart was required.

Server IP Address Change
Shores of Hazeron master server IP address changed.

It is now

DNS change should propagate by tomorrow.

A temporary hosts file entry could get you there sooner.


Old Bug Reports
What happened to the bug reports from the old phpBB3 forum?

All Bug Reports and Closed Bug Reports were imported into Silverwill from the old phpBB3 forum database. All posts under each bug report topic were also imported. Name and date of the poster of every topic and post was preserved, in case you have a question about any of them.

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