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2018-08-02 Jobs Reported, Construction Blocked, Surrender Cities, NPC Experience
Jobs Reported
I disabled a lot of jobs but they are still counted on the city report.

The city report now reports the number of jobs that are actually enabled. Only manufacturing jobs can be disabled. Professional and service jobs cannot be disabled.

Construction Blocked
I could not build anything because an enemy unit was present. I could not find them.

Construction is no longer blocked by avatars who are not on line.

The message 'Enemy unit present' was change to say 'Enemy unit present on world', because I thought the enemy unit was in the area of the new building, didn't remember any enemy unit on the planet blocks construction. This wording change will be posted with the next client update.

Building Zero Jobs
After the update this morning, new buildings that are constructed start up with no shops enabled.


Surrender New Cities
Attempting to surrender a new style city appears to do nothing.

Fixed. Here are the details.
  • Military base surrenders all cities on the world.
  • Military base surrenders your claim to the world.
  • City surrender fails if the world has a military base.
  • City surrenders your claim to the world, if no cities belong to your empire after the surrender is complete.
NPC Experience Points
NPCs (officers, crew, troops) gain experience whenever the current mission order is completed. I rarely complete the order. I usually just start a new mission with a new order. This deprives my NPCs of the experience they should be earning.

I replaced the gain of experience due to mission order completion. The rate of experience gain due to completion of mission orders was limited to one per 12 minutes. NPCs now gain one experience point every 12 minutes while doing their job.
  • Troops gain experience while manning a turret or fire control station. They do not gain this experience if not in any scene and no enemy units are in their solar system.
  • Crew gain experience while manning a station. They do not gain this experience if they are not the primary operator of a system with redundant stations, such as more than one helm, sensor or shield station.
  • Officers gain experience while they have the con aboard a spacecraft.
No Liquor on Report
When I request a current city report from a new city, my morale never gets the +1 for liquor. It shows in the previous final report though.


Cannot Colonize
Some people said it was difficult to start a new colony because they could not sell cargo to the new buildings.

I did this, had no trouble.
  1. Went to new empty solar system.
  2. Landed on a planet.
  3. Placed an airport, under construction, did not build it.
  4. Landed at the airport.
  5. Hailed the airport on the Hail channel. It answered.
  6. Placed a broker, under construction, did not build it.
  7. Hailed the broker on the Trade channel. It answered.
  8. Offered stone in my cargo hold For Sale for free, 0c. Not Auction.
  9. The broker offered to take it.
  10. I accepted.
  11. Construction processes fetched stone.
Please provide specifics if this process does not work for you. There are so many possibilities. The ship does not have to land at an airport. It can land at any building site connected with the broker. I don't think the airport was needed at all; I just wanted to try hailing it. Landing on a road does NOT work.
I can confirm the reports of selling and buying from new cities acting strangely. I've had officers unable to buy from new cities when they are at a station, in my case.

The specifics I remember:
-New style ship
-New style space station
-System with a combination of new and old cities
-In orbit over different world than city I was buying from
-Materials being purchased had storage tanks / warehouses dedicated to them
Interesting. Is there no more xp gain for killing enemy spacecraft/crew? What about troop posts?

I haven't tried a from-scratch colonization in a new system yet. Will report if I find anything odd.
NPCs still gain xp for killing enemy and other such things.

Troops at posts were overlooked. They will now gain xp for doing their job, in the next server update.

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