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2018-07-16 Buildings Going Neutral, Chain of Command, Morale
Buildings Going Neutral
Buildings were changing to empire 0, after being built.

Fixed a bug when updating city jurisdictions. Buildings that were not in any city jurisdiction at all were being set to empire 0.

Those buildings are now set to the empire who claims the world. If there is no claim then the current empire who owns the building remains unchanged.

Building Chain of Command
I thought everyone had permission to change empire 0 buildings.

On unclaimed worlds, empire 0 buildings, not in the jurisdiction of cities, are now in the command of everyone.

On claimed worlds, you must be a member of the claiming empire to be in command of a building.

Morale effects are not fully enabled.

Does anyone need more time to make adjustments before morale effects are fully enabled?

Power Plant Bug
Second City on Same Planet does not associate Power


Can't Unjam Doors
Doors on new style ships can be blown open but you can't unjam them.


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