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2018-07-03 Delete Blueprint, Intended Purpose, Military Import, Patents
Delete Blueprint
I deleted a building blueprint from the on line library. It said it was deleted. Then it came back.


Delete Blueprint Window Closes
When I delete a blueprint from the on line library, the window closes. This is annoying when I want to delete more than one blueprint.


Gun Tower and Weapon System Ammo Storage
Gun tower and weapon system should require storage for their own ammunition.

Fixed. Existing blueprints will continue to be valid without storage but they will have nowhere to store ammunition (or lenses, as appropriate). They may not work efficiently.

Who Imports Tech?
What building imports tech disks?

Mass media building now imports tech disks. They also import blank paper and blank disks so they can publish tech about their local industries.

Harvester Modules in Buildings
When making a military weapon system, I was offered a selection of harvester modules and a tractor beam.


Patent Already Recorded Q
When a process reports that a patent is already recorded, the Q would be nice to know.

Fixed. Q is reported of the patent that could not be stored.

Storage Crystal Error
Storage crystal reported it was full when it had lots of free space, after I tried copying a blueprint to it that was already on the crystal.

Fixed failure message when the cause is an existing duplicate design.

Building Blueprint Intended Purpose
Buildings could be filtered better if the intended purpose of each blueprint was known.

Building blueprints now store their intended purpose.
  • Intended purpose is configured on the properties window, using the combo box that used to show if the design was valid for a particular industry and why not on failure. The setting in that combo box is now saved with the blueprint.
  • The blueprint must be valid for the intended purpose to pass finalizing.
  • There is a 'Not Specific' option.
  • Intended purpose is used only for filtering. It does not limit what industries can use the blueprint.
Construction window filter now has a check box to show only designs whose intended purpose matches the building being constructed. The default setting is 'off', until there is at least one blueprint intended for every industry.

Existing blueprints will report no specific intended purpose. They will only be visible if the filter check box is off.

Military Motor Pool Import
Military motor pool should import fuel and munitions for military ground vehicles.


Military Dock Import
Military dock should import fuel and munitions for military water vehicles.


Military Air Base Import
Military air terminal should import fuel and munitions for military flying vehicles.


Military Power Plants
Power plants are a strategic resource. Military should commandeer power plants that do not belong to any city. This would permit construction of a military base on a world with no city to supply power.

Power plants are now considered to be military buildings if they are not part of a city and if there is a military HQ on the world.

Military power plants are manned by allocating personnel from the military base.

City Importing from Warehouse Bug
An old style city was causing lots of error messages when it tried to import stuff from a warehouse that belonged to empire 0.

Fixed commerce restrictions test when importing from empire 0.

Broker Export Bug
Old style cities do not always import from the warehouses and storage tanks of new style cities.

Fixed a bug that prevented old style cities from importing from new style cities if the old style city was connected to any other old style city.

How To Get Started
Welcome letter for new avatars is outdated.

Avatar welcome letter was updated to say how to build a new city and how to form an empire.

Patents Cross Discontinuity
When an empire records patents on one side of the discontinuity, they are available on the other side. This breaks the separation of the discontinuity.

Patents are now recorded separately between sides of the discontinuity. Existing empires will show all current patents as recorded on both sides of the discontinuity.
The game crashes shortly after the avatar appears in the scene.
New-style buildings are changing empire ownership.
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