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Street's List of Probably Bad Ideas
I've got tons of half-baked ideas, and I'm gonna post them here so people can discuss how bad they are or something. If the thread doesn't get deleted, I'll probably post new ideas to this thread as well.

So here goes:

- Slipspace travel, like in the Halo universe. Basically quicker FTL or something, I dunno how it would be balanced, but it's just an idea.

- The ability to Warp through unexplored space, or at the very least be able to scan long-distance pathways between systems.

- Some sort of planet/starkiller weapon (EXTERMINATUS). It should be super expensive to use, take hours/days to charge each use, and should give off a massive power signature while charging that can be detected across the galaxy.

- The ability to properly access and modify the mission orders of ships in other systems/sectors

- Basic and Advanced options for the Designer (Making ships is seriously hard, man)

- More superstructures, like Dyson spheres and man-made planets, and the ability to create superstructures.

- The ability to increase the amount of Officers a planet can produce. Only by like, 2 or 3, but having only 1 officer from a planet with a population of over 10k is kinda silly

- Automated construction of colonies/cities. Maybe you can save a layout, and have a big ol' ship carry materials and people, and tell an officer to build a colony.

- Dean's idea for the Q of tools affecting the output Q of certain processes

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