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2018-08-07 Angle Constraint, Turret Limit, Sea Connections, Make Mesh
Road Drawing Angle Constraint
Road draw direction angle constraint is broken.

When fixing this I discovered the angle constraint control was never added to the new construction window at all. It is there now and it works when drawing roads and buildings.

Highlight Selected Building
When a building is selected in the list at a capitol or a military HQ, it would be nice if that building was highlighted in the scene.

Selected building at capitol and hq is now highlighted in the scene.

Building Volume Error
As I worked on a building model, converting wall faces into windows, the building volume changed unexpectedly, a lot.

Fixed an error when calculating building volume. This will have various effects on existing blueprints. Generally, those afflicted will now have more usable volume than previously. The added volume will likely become more commodity storage space.

Armor level is affected. That could make some designs invalid for use in environments for which they were previously valid.

Turret Limit
The number of turrets on a gun tower can be abused.

The number of turrets on a gun tower is now limited to six per tower.

Above/Below Lunar Sea Level Bug
I built a city in a crater on a moon. A building on the rim would not join the city.

Fixed a bug when preventing undersea buildings from joining above water cities. The errant code did not consider worlds with no water at all.

Cryo Travellers
I loaded a bunch of cryo travellers. The message said they were a mix of human, human, human and human.

Fixed error in cryo traveller boarding message.

Dozer Button Inconsistency
The bulldozer button on the capitol UI is nicely spaced away from the other buttons. On the military hq UI, the bulldozer button is packed tightly with the other buttons.

Fixed military hq UI so bulldozer button is spaced apart from the other buttons.

Sea Connections
I built a military base across the sea from my city. The city had a wharf. I built a military dock but no airport at the base. The dock should have imported construction materials but it didn't.

Fixed a bug when determining building sea connections. This bug affected all sea connections. It is likely they were all broken. They will be corrected when the servers restart.

Make Mesh
Some people requested a designer command to make a mesh from a selected object.

Make mesh command added to designer. It will convert most selected objects into a simple mesh.

ATC Coverage
New cities do not provide air traffic control coverage, to keep away pirates.

Airport radar and military radar now provide ATC coverage within their radar range. 

University Officer
I was unable to load an officer from a university using a fleet ship.

University now responds to requests from fleet ships to load their officer.

Status request now reports when an officer is available at the local university. It reports the officer deployed if that is the case. Company and fleet spacecraft can board officers from a university.

A habitable world only produces one officer. If the world has a university and a star fleet academy, each of them will report the same officer available or deployed.

Officer Trade
Officer would not trade cargo with a new style city.

Fixed an error when determining if a broker would trade certain commodities. The error affected buying and selling both individual commodities and categories of commodities. It also broke the order to hire an exterminator, when carried out by an NPC officer.

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