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Borexino precipitate 254% - Vooker525 - 07-10-2019

Tried to search for systems with world's atmosphere density Q250+, it showed 2 systems with gas giants that have borexino precipitate density higher than 250%.
Went to one of it, report shows 254%, sensor shows -2%. Harvested for a while, got more than 4 billion of it in one shot. This exceeded ships max hold capacity and made used capacity negative value. I could store more stuff in it with that way, officer buys goods as usual.

After i left that system with bugged resource and went back, gas giant disappeared from system.
(One image was made in other system, as i didnt make in first one)

RE: Borexino precipitate 254% - Vectorus - 07-15-2019

I nominate this bug for the all-round "best bug" category at this year's awards. It has everything.