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Full Version: 2019-01-04 System Map, World Map, Rename World, Button Click
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System Map
It would be handy to have a hot key to view the scan report of the current system.

Solar system page added to Locator window. It can also be displayed individually. The system map automatically changes to your current solar system as you move around. Does not show resource information when the current system has not been surveyed.

System scan reports can still be requested from the star map.

Place Item on Vehicle
Placing an item on static display on a vehicle or other object does not stick it to the object. The static displayed item just remains there in the air when the object moves away.

Static display items can now be placed onto an object from the outside. Items cannot be statically displayed on creatures.

World Map Update

When looking at the world map, it often blinks and jumps back to my location when anything changes, such as a building getting constructed or demolished. This is very annoying.

Fixed world map origin reset and blinking when map changes.

Rename World Officer
Rename world should update officer whose home world name is affected.

Rename of world, solar system or sector now updates all affected officers.

Passenger Give Orders
As a passenger aboard a ship, neutral to the empire owning the ship, I was able to select crew and troops and order them around.

Units no longer appear on the Unit Orders window unless you have the authority to issue orders to them. Units no longer accept orders from someone who could not have selected them.

Console Button Click
Console buttons are supposed to make some noise when clicked. This has never been completed.

Console buttons now make noise when activated.

Laser Weapon Bludgeon Damage
Reduce bludgeon damage from laser weapons by half. They are light weight plastic.

Bludgeon damage from laser rifles was reduced by half.

Surgery Station Crash
Clicking on random buttons on the surgery station caused the server to crash.

Fixed null pointer error when applying water to a patient when no condition was selected.

Survey No Sun Resources
The system survey scan does not show resources at suns.

Fixed a minor error that prevented suns from showing their table of resources in the system scan report. At present, this only lists preons.
It appears that survey scanning a system does not cause the system map to update until you relog. I'll have this fixed in the next update.

You can get the survey scan report by right-clicking the system on the star map.