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Full Version: HazeronAdviser 0.43
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City status and ship log viewer for Shores of Hazeron.
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My name is Deantwo and this is my simple C# program that I made to make Hazeron life easier.
Inspired somewhat by se5a's old HazeronMapper program, if you can call it that when they are nothing alike.
This would never have been possible without AnrDaemon's Hazeron mail file header spreadsheet.

What is it
HazeronAdviser is a simple little program written in C# that scans through all your HMails that are locally saved on your computer.
Once loaded it is able to nicely list all your cities and ships, and then point you to the ones that require your attention.

  • .Net Framework 4.0
    (Standard on windows)

How to use
  1. Log into Hazeron with your character
  2. Open the Governance window (F12)
  3. Go to the Places tab
  4. Select all (using CTRL or SHIFT) the cities you govern (because)
  5. Right-click one of them, then click "Recent Report by Mail..."
  6. Open the Mail window (F2)
  7. Click the "Request New Messages" button
  8. Start HazeronAdviser (if you hadn't already)
  9. Click the "Scan HMails" button in HazeronAdviser

  • Scan all Hazeron mails automatically with one click
  • Lists all cities, ships and officers
  • Highlights cities that need attention (low morale, bad jobs/homes ratio, abandonment, ect.)
  • Calculates the time before abandonment decay starts
  • Visually shows population, homes, and jobs
  • Visually shows morale
  • Better overview of all officers and their home (in charge of ships, on planet, etc.) (small problem)
  • Overview of building tech in a city
  • List of buildings in a city (highlighting needed and unnecessary morale buildings)
  • Bank activity information about cities

  • More attention highlights for cities (no/low food, more?)
  • Attention highlights for ships (no/low fuel, damaged, more?)
  • An overview of resources in city storage
  • Calculate the highest tech spacecraft that the city can manufacture
  • What is keeping a city from making higher tech spacecraft
  • Improvements to the Events tab (highlight the tab when there are new events?)

Want to help
First of all I'd love some feedback and more ideas.
There are some things that I am not sure how to tackle just yet, I'll be making issues tagged with "Help Wanted" if so.
But other than that, it is an open source code, so if any of you know how to write C# you can help out. ^^

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HazeronAdviser v0.43