Hazeron Starship

About Hazeron Starship

Explore and colonize a vast universe.

Discover resources. Build cities. Construct spacecraft. Walk aboard them. Operate their controls. Command a crew of NPCs. Lift off. Fly up through the atmosphere to outer space. Land on other worlds, anywhere, not at designated places. Build an empire.

Design unique spacecraft and buildings with the built-in 3D modeler. Make them function, with operable doors, landing gear, lights, turbo lifts, transporters, engines, shields, weapons, and more.

Hazeron Starship is available only on Steam. It is currently in beta testing. If you would like to be a beta tester, send email with your Shores of Hazeron account name. If you do not have a Shores of Hazeron account, you are not eligible to be a beta tester.

If your version of Hazeron Starship was built before December 2022 it will no longer receive updates. Send email for instructions on how to resume updates.

Hazeron Starship is exclusively owned and developed by Hazeron Freehold LLC. Hazeron Starship is NOT adware, malware, spyware, or any other sinister ware.

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