Shores of Hazeron

Teehyn Rhee

Nivlheim Imperium Flag

Armsman Teehyn Rhee YABX
Empire Nivlheim Imperium
Lord Commander of the Imperium Tor
Reputation 1,095
Credit Limit 109,550,000¢
Experience 3,033

Government Target Value 0
Domain Governed By Armsman Teehyn Rhee

Last Modified Thu Jun 14 14:54:39 2018 GMT
On Line No
On Line Time 6 days, 8 hours, 37 minutes

Stories Started 2
Stories Completed 2

Specie Aerial Omnivorous Avian
Lineage Avatar
Decanted Tue Feb 17 03:59:44 2015 GMT
Gender Male
Handedness Right-handed
Health 32 of 32
Stamina 223 of 223
Hunger 13 of 64
Death And Destruction

Weapon EffectDeaths

TypeKilled Teehyn RheeTeehyn Rhee Killed
Crew, Empire9
Motor Bike, Enemy3
Person, Empire3
Person, Enemy2
Starship, Empire1
Starship, Enemy1
Troop, Empire5
Troop, Enemy18201
Troop, Neutral1


Beam From EVA 6 times
Beam To EVA 4 times
Dead Head EVA 1 times
EVA Online 17 minutes
Sector Traversed EVA 1 times

City Flags Captured 34
Defense Base Flags Captured 18

Stations Operated
StationMinutesHighest Quality
Captain's Chair on Spacecraft1826MinQ 252
Engine Station on Spacecraft19MinQ 248
Fire Control Station on Spacecraft10MinQ 248
Helm on Spacecraft147MinQ 252
Navigation Station on Spacecraft2MinQ 248
SUV0MinQ 250
Sensor Station on Spacecraft49MinQ 252
Shield Station on Spacecraft0MinQ 31
Space Fighter F22MinQ 0
Surgery Station on Spacecraft0MinQ 31
Transporter Station on Spacecraft6MinQ 31
Turret on Spacecraft0MinQ 31

Spacecraft Systems
SystemRepairs By HandUpgrades By Hand
FTL Drive2
Weapon Bay1

Spacecraft Command

Crew Boarded 89
Officers Boarded 10
Troops Boarded 39

Mission Orders Issued 178
Squad Orders Issued 260

Spacecraft Design

Spaceship Blueprints Burned 1

Construction and Manufacturing

Solar Systems Named 1

Habitable Environment
BuildingLevels BuiltConstruction LaborManufacture Runs
Airport Repair Shop4
Airport Terminal1318
Machine Shop12377
Police Station115
Spacecraft Factory7
Town Square1

Harsh Environment
BuildingLevels BuiltConstruction LaborManufacture Runs
Airport Terminal1310
Military Weapon System1393
Nuclear Power Plant1386
Police Station5
Retail Store3
Treatment Plant56437
Vehicle Factory12621


TypeHighest QualityUses As WeaponKills Using ItemKilled By Item
Bay WeaponQ 252115
FeetQ 871
HeadQ 871

TypeBought CargoSold CargoBought InventorySold InventoryCrafted At IndustryCrafted By HandForagedEver In InventoryHighest QualityUses On OthersUses On SelfUses As WeaponKills Using ItemKilled By Item
Aircraft Factory Technology10Q 255
Airport Repair Shop Technology10Q 255
Airport Terminal Technology10Q 255
Animal CarcassYQ 1913
Animal MeatYQ 2131
Antidote2Q 245
Antitoxin21YQ 1631
Apartment Technology10Q 255
Arena Technology10Q 255
Armorer Technology10Q 255
Atmosphere Condenser Bay Module1YQ 251
Bakery Technology10Q 255
Bank Technology10Q 255
Beans310274YQ 17054
Blank Disk352YQ 255
Bomb Bl Black Cat10Q 244
BoneYQ 213
Brewery Technology10Q 255
Broker Technology10Q 255
Cantina Technology10Q 255
Capitol Technology10Q 255
Carpenter Technology10Q 255
Casino Technology10Q 255
Church Technology10Q 255
Clamp50Q 252
Clothing Factory Technology10Q 255
Coal Power Plant Technology10Q 255
Compressor Beam Lens2928228Q 252
Computer70Q 250
Computer Factory Technology10Q 255
Condominium Technology10Q 255
Crate1YQ 253
Cryozine1331744Q 253
DNA Sample Kit5Q 252
Design Studio Technology10Q 255
Distillery Technology10Q 255
Electronic Part100Q 207
Electronics Factory Technology10Q 255
Explosives Factory Technology10Q 255
Fabric Clothing1YQ 253
Farm Technology20Q 255
Fire Station Technology10Q 255
Fish148YQ 17519
Fitting Wrench55Q 255
Flag2524YQ 252
Gasoline550Q 252
Gasoline Power Plant Technology10Q 255
Gigacell4964YQ 252
Glue Gun125Q 253
Grapes41YQ 1874
Grav Pack2Q 251
Grist Mill Technology10Q 255
Grocery Technology10Q 255
Hammer102215YQ 255361
Hay1YQ 214
HeadYQ 1283
Heavy Arms Ammunition Pi1557Q 249
Heavy Arms Ammunition PiBl3131Q 250
Hospital Technology10Q 255
House Technology10Q 255
Hydroelectric Power Plant Technology10Q 255
Hydrogen5800588Q 245
Hydrogen Power Plant Technology10Q 255
Jeweler Technology10Q 255
KnifeYQ 192108913
Large Missile BlBu Fireball1
Large Rocket BuDi Scudpox1
Laser Rifle2583YQ 25142020618
LeatherYQ 213
Leather Clothing1YQ 128
Log2002YQ 175
Logging Camp Technology10Q 255
Lumber14006001YQ 175
Lumber Mill Technology10Q 255
Machine Shop Technology10Q 255
Meat Processing Plant Technology10Q 255
Mechanical Part600Q 248
Medical Kit221YQ 25014
Metal11400102012Q 248
Metal Body ArmorYQ 148
Metal Power ArmorYQ 205
Metal Power Armor HelmetYQ 235
Military Gun Tower Technology10Q 255
Military Shield Projector Technology10Q 255
Military Weapon System Technology10Q 255
Mine Technology40Q 255
Minerals1YQ 133
Munitions Factory Technology10Q 255
Natural Gas500Q 182
Natural Gas Power Plant Technology10Q 255
Nuclear Power Plant Technology10Q 255
Nuts25033YQ 2415
Observatory Technology10Q 255
Oil116070Q 252
Orchard Technology10Q 255
PaperYQ 255
ParcX BoxYQ 100
Park Technology10Q 255
Pharmaceutical Lab Technology10Q 255
Pharmaceuticals1500311001YQ 254
Plant Fiber3YQ 131
Plastic2290Q 252
Plastic Explosive10Q 245
Plastics Factory Technology10Q 255
Pliers55Q 255
Police Station Technology10Q 255
Radioactives450Q 104
Refinery Technology10Q 255
Retail Store Technology10Q 255
Rifle AmmunitionYQ 234
Rocket Motor Factory Technology10Q 255
Screw Driver65Q 255
Seed10YQ 148
Sewing Needle552YQ 248
Ship Blueprint DiskYQ 255
Ship Yard Technology10Q 255
Shovel4701YQ 255
Smelter Technology50Q 255
Solar Power Plant Technology10Q 255
Soldering Iron105Q 253
Spacecraft Blueprint DiskYQ 255
Spacecraft Factory Technology20Q 255
Spices2YQ 1442
Stone124003507YQ 208
Sugar Mill Technology10Q 255
Textile Mill Technology10Q 255
Textiles6540505YQ 252
Tongs355Q 255
TorchYQ 1001
Torque Wrench53Q 255
Treatment Plant Technology20Q 255
Type F PreonsYQ 107
Type K PreonsYQ 174
University Technology20Q 255
Utility Pouch1YQ 213
Vegetable2YQ 1803
Vehicle Factory Technology10Q 255
Vulcium2544325175Q 250
Vulcium KnifeYQ 251183
Vulcium Power Armor38YQ 2529
Vulcium Power Armor Helmet50YQ 25138
Warehouse Technology70Q 255
Warp 1 FTL Drive Module13Q 250
Warp 9 FTL Drive Module1YQ 178
Water2Q 176
Weapon Smith Technology10Q 255
Well Technology50Q 255
Wharf Technology10Q 255
Wind Power Plant Technology10Q 255
Winery Technology10Q 255
Wormhole PNN FTL Drive Module1YQ 204
Wrench49YQ 255
Zoo Technology10Q 255
Кала́шников1YQ 1762114

Spacecraft And Vehicles

Spacecraft And Vehicles
TypeCapturedDead HeadedRepairs BoughtRepairs By HandUpgrades BoughtSectors TraversedWormholes
Space Fighter F22


Tame Creatures
TypeKilled Teehyn RheeTeehyn Rhee KilledDNA SampledSpecies NamedSpecies Studied
Aerial Herbivorous Avian104
Aerial Omnivorous Avian2
Aerial Omnivorous Furrian532
Aerial Omnivorous Glabrian15
Aerial Omnivorous Glabrian5
Aerial Omnivorous Glabrian9
Aerial Omnivorous Reptilian4
Friendship pirates313
Omnivorous Glabrian14
Omnivorous Insectoid23
Omnivorous Insectoid5
Omnivorous Reptilian1
Omnivorous Reptilian3

Wild Creatures
TypeKilled Teehyn RheeTeehyn Rhee KilledDNA SampledSpecies NamedSpecies Studied
Amphibious Carnivorous Aquarian3
Amphibious Herbivorous Glabrian2
Amphibious Omnivorous Insectoid2
Carnivorous Furrian1
Herbivorous Amphibian1

Stars And Planets

Type, Atmosphere, OrbitTreaded HereFirst FlagsDeepest SwimHighest Fall CG DistanceBeam To LandBeam From LandBeam To SeaBeam From SeaArrived EVAArrived In APCArrived In Farm MachineryArrived In HelicopterArrived On Motor BikeArrived In RocketArrived On Sail BoatArrived In Space Figher F1Arrived In Space Figher F2Arrived In Space TransportArrived In SubmarineArrived In SUVArrived In StationArrived In SpaceshipArrived In StarshipDeparted EVADeparted In APCDeparted In Farm MachineryDeparted In HelicopterDeparted On Motor BikeDeparted In RocketDeparted On Sail BoatDeparted In Space Figher F1Departed In Space Figher F2Departed In Space TransportDeparted In SubmarineDeparted In SUVDeparted In StationDeparted In SpaceshipDeparted In Starship
Large Moon, Exotic Atm, Inferno OrbitY22
Large Moon, Tainted Atm, Habitable OrbitY22
Large Moon, Tainted Atm, Outer OrbitY45
Moon, Standard Atm, Frigid OrbitY162
Moon, Standard Atm, Habitable OrbitY11
Moon, Standard Atm, Inferno OrbitY11
Moon, Standard Atm, Outer OrbitY22
Planet, Corrosive Atm, Frigid OrbitY11
Planet, Corrosive Atm, Inferno OrbitY11
Planet, Corrosive Atm, Outer OrbitY11
Planet, Exotic Atm, Frigid OrbitY11
Planet, Insidious Atm, Frigid OrbitY33
Planet, Standard Atm, Frigid OrbitY22
Planet, Standard Atm, Habitable OrbitY0.8m10,946.4m54431
Planet, Standard Atm, Inferno OrbitY78
Planet, Standard Atm, Inner OrbitY10,040.3m11
Planet, Tainted Atm, Frigid OrbitY21
Planet, Tainted Atm, Habitable OrbitY55
Planet, Tainted Atm, Outer OrbitY11
Ringworld, Standard Atm, Habitable OrbitY33.9m99
Ringworld, Tainted Atm, Habitable OrbitY22