Shores of Hazeron


Per Ardua Ad Astrum Flag

Corporal Kalor TSIBKB
Empire Per Ardua Ad Astrum
His Majesty The Emperor Jorn Stones
Reputation 164
Credit Limit 16,450,000ยข
Experience 630

Government Target Value 0
Domain Governed By Corporal Kalor
Carthage Va
Klixia Alpha II
Klixia Prime

Created Wed Apr 29 02:45:56 2015 GMT
Last Modified Thu Aug 10 19:12:00 2017 GMT
On Line No
On Line Time 21 hours, 56 minutes

Stories Started 1
Stories Completed 0

Specie Klix, Scavenging Insectoid
Lineage Avatar
Gender Male
Handedness Right-handed
Health 80 of 80
Stamina 175 of 175
Hunger 94 of 160
Death And Destruction

TypeKilled KalorKalor Killed
Crew, Empire1
Person, Enemy1
Troop, Enemy11


Stations Operated
StationMinutesHighest Tech Level
Captain's Chair on Spacecraft793TL 32
Fire Control Station on Spacecraft43TL 32
Helm on Spacecraft1TL 28
Sensor Station on Spacecraft10TL 32
Surgery Station on Spacecraft0TL 28

Spacecraft Command

Crew Boarded 10
Officers Boarded 2
Troops Boarded 48

Mission Orders Issued 178
Squad Orders Issued 44

Construction and Manufacturing

Sectors Named 1
Solar Systems Named 2

Habitable Environment
BuildingLevels BuiltConstruction LaborManufacture Runs
Airport Repair Shop1197
Airport Terminal2729
Clothing Factory3334
Explosives Factory81
Fire Station13
Hydroelectric Power Plant9203613
Machine Shop282853
Meat Processing Plant876913
Military Flag1
Military Weapon System1
Munitions Factory81041
Pharmaceutical Lab81149
Plastics Factory8
Police Station16
Retail Store18159
Spacecraft Factory2647
Textile Mill109558
Town Square3
Treatment Plant85603
Vehicle Factory22711
Weapon Smith8641
Wind Power Plant45401


TypeHighest QualityHighest Tech LevelUses As WeaponKills Using ItemKilled By Item
Bay WeaponQ 251TL 321340
HeadQ 128TL 151
Ship CaptureTL 11

TypeBought CargoSold CargoBought InventorySold InventoryCrafted At IndustryCrafted By HandForagedEver In InventoryHighest QualityHighest Tech LevelUses On OthersUses On SelfUses As WeaponKills Using ItemKilled By Item
Air1000Q 220TL 28
Airport Repair Shop Technology7YQ 255TL 32
Animal CarcassYQ 128TL 13
Animal MeatYQ 205TL 120
Armorer Technology7YQ 255TL 32
Backpack1YQ 222TL 1
BoneYQ 205TL 119
Brewery Technology2YQ 255TL 32
Cheese50YQ 225TL 164
Clamp250250Q 249TL 32
Clothing Factory Technology2YQ 255TL 5
Computer500Q 249TL 32
Computer Factory Technology7YQ 255TL 32
Crystals1YQ 193TL 1
Eggs50YQ 219TL 84
Electron Beam Lens38Q 225TL 28
Electronic Part1000500Q 251TL 32
Electronics Factory Technology7YQ 255TL 32
Explosives Factory Technology7YQ 255TL 32
Farm Technology2YQ 255TL 32
Fish Meat12YQ 141TL 112
Fitting Wrench250250Q 249TL 32
Flag1011YQ 252TL 5
Gigacell160YQ 249TL 32
Glue Gun250250Q 250TL 32
Hammer1000717YQ 249TL 32
HeadYQ 130TL 13
Heat Ray Lens125Q 250TL 32
Heavy Arms Ammunition PiBl6Q 212TL 20
Hydrogen47579412760Q 159TL 20
Jeweler Technology2YQ 255TL 32
KnifeYQ 192TL 1187817
Large Missile BlBu Fireball646Q 226TL 28
Laser Pistol5YQ 250TL 324023
Laser Rifle20Q 250TL 32
LeatherYQ 171TL 117
Leather Clothing1YQ 128TL 1
Machine Shop Technology74YQ 255TL 32
Mechanical Part1000500Q 249TL 32
Medical Kit14YQ 251TL 2126
Metal2500500Q 249TL 32
Microscope100Q 251TL 32
Military Shield Generator Technology6YQ 255TL 32
Mine Technology741YQ 255TL 32
Munitions Factory Technology7YQ 255TL 32
Nanopath Calibrator50Q 250TL 32
Oscilloscope100Q 250TL 32
PaperYQ 255TL 32
Pharmaceutical Lab Technology3YQ 255TL 20
Plastic2500500Q 250TL 32
Plastics Factory Technology6YQ 255TL 32
Pliers250250Q 249TL 32
Refinery Technology71YQ 255TL 32
Rifle AmmunitionYQ 190TL 1
Rocket Motor Factory Technology7YQ 255TL 32
Screw Driver500500Q 249TL 32
Sewing Needle2502501YQ 249TL 32
Shovel500500Q 249TL 32
Smelter Technology721YQ 255TL 32
Soldering Iron250250Q 250TL 32
Spacecraft Factory Technology721YQ 255TL 32
Stone10000500Q 145TL 19
Textile Mill Technology71YQ 255TL 32
Textiles1000500YQ 250TL 32
Tongs500500Q 249TL 32
Torque Wrench250250Q 249TL 32
Treatment Plant Technology7YQ 255TL 32
University Technology721YQ 255TL 32
Vulcium Power Armor5YQ 219TL 262
Vulcium Power Armor Helmet5YQ 228TL 287
Weapon Smith Technology7YQ 255TL 32
Well Technology7YQ 255TL 32
Wrench250250Q 249TL 32

Spacecraft And Vehicles

Spacecraft And Vehicles
TypeCapturedDead HeadedRepairs BoughtRepairs By HandUpgrades BoughtSectors TraversedWormholes


Species Named 1

Tame Creatures
TypeKilled KalorKalor KilledDNA SampledSpecies NamedSpecies Studied
Aerial Omnivorous Glabrian1
Amphibious Herbivorous Furrian1
Herbivorous Furrian1
Omnivorous Reptilian11

Wild Creatures
TypeKilled KalorKalor KilledDNA SampledSpecies NamedSpecies Studied
Amphibious Carnivorous Amphibian2
Amphibious Carnivorous Insectoid3
Amphibious Herbivorous Amphibian1
Amphibious Scavenging Avian19
Carnivorous Amphibian1
Omnivorous Glabrian1

Stars And Planets

Type, Atmosphere, OrbitTreaded HereFirst FlagsDeepest SwimHighest Fall CG DistanceBeam To LandBeam From LandBeam To SeaBeam From SeaArrived EVAArrived In APCArrived In Farm MachineryArrived In HelicopterArrived On Motor BikeArrived In RocketArrived On Sail BoatArrived In Space Figher F1Arrived In Space Figher F2Arrived In Space TransportArrived In SubmarineArrived In SUVArrived In StationArrived In SpaceshipArrived In StarshipDeparted EVADeparted In APCDeparted In Farm MachineryDeparted In HelicopterDeparted On Motor BikeDeparted In RocketDeparted On Sail BoatDeparted In Space Figher F1Departed In Space Figher F2Departed In Space TransportDeparted In SubmarineDeparted In SUVDeparted In StationDeparted In SpaceshipDeparted In Starship
Planet, Standard Atm, Habitable OrbitY1918
Planet, Tainted Atm, Inner OrbitY11