Shores of Hazeron


Nivlheim Imperium Flag

Lord Commander Paladin QITY
Empire Nivlheim Imperium
Lord Commander of the Imperium Tor
Reputation 289
Credit Limit 28,950,000¢
Experience 20,833

Government Target Value 2500
Domain Governed By Lord Commander Paladin

Created Mon Feb 16 23:28:49 2015 GMT
Last Modified Fri Aug 18 22:49:42 2017 GMT
On Line No
On Line Time 23 days, 10 hours, 10 minutes

Stories Started 1
Stories Completed 1

Specie Omnivorous Glabrian
Lineage Avatar
Gender Male
Handedness Right-handed
Health 50 of 50
Stamina 255 of 255
Hunger 63 of 100
Death And Destruction

Weapon EffectDeaths

TypeKilled PaladinPaladin Killed
APC, Enemy1
Crew, Empire3
Crew, Enemy57
Officer, Empire11
Officer, Enemy7
Passenger, Empire1
Person, Enemy2
SUV, Enemy9
Space Fighter F2, Enemy10
Space Transport, Enemy1
Spaceship, Enemy1
Starship, Enemy2
Station, Enemy1
Troop, Empire212
Troop, Enemy28343
Troop, Neutral7


Beam From EVA 8 times
Beam To EVA 4 times
Dead Head EVA 2 times
EVA Online 196 minutes

City Flags Captured 1

Stations Operated
StationMinutesHighest Tech Level
Captain's Chair on Spacecraft6772TL 32
Engine Station on Spacecraft690TL 32
Farm Machinery0TL 1
Fire Control Station on Spacecraft183TL 32
Helicopter13TL 1
Helm on Spacecraft1378TL 32
Motor Bike53TL 24
Navigation Station on Spacecraft134TL 32
Power Relay Station on Spacecraft2TL 32
Riding Animal1TL 1
Rocket59TL 1
SUV263TL 20
Sensor Station on Spacecraft867TL 32
Shield Station on Spacecraft14TL 32
Space Fighter F136TL 21
Space Fighter F224TL 32
Space Transport8TL 31
Transporter Station on Spacecraft45TL 32
Turret on Spacecraft0TL 32

Spacecraft Systems
SystemRepairs By HandUpgrades By Hand
Control Station4
FTL Drive16
Maneuver Drive2
Power Plant5
Weapon Bay3

Spacecraft Command

Crew Boarded 368
Officers Boarded 28
Passengers Boarded 19
Passengers Debarked 2
Troops Boarded 484

Mission Orders Issued 556
Squad Orders Issued 978

Wormholes Explored For Empire 58
Wormholes Named After Paladin 51

Spacecraft Design

Spaceship Disks Burned 1
Starship Disks Burned 6
Station Disks Burned 1

Construction and Manufacturing

Sectors Named 6
Solar Systems Named 6

Habitable Environment
BuildingLevels BuiltConstruction LaborManufacture Runs
Aircraft Factory28317
Airport Repair Shop2551
Airport Terminal112338
Clothing Factory53
Computer Factory13081
Design Studio191255
Electronics Factory25150234
Explosives Factory32976
Fire Station3500
Hydroelectric Power Plant713091
Hydrogen Power Plant1
Logging Camp21449
Lumber Mill234738
Machine Shop37208587
Military Flag5123
Military Guard Tower4
Military Shield Generator2
Military Weapon System2
Munitions Factory1297
Nuclear Power Plant2
Plastics Factory612454
Police Station15412
Retail Store16655
Rocket Motor Factory44802
Spacecraft Factory5160447
Textile Mill34455
Town Square10
Vehicle Factory13114
Weapon Smith24963
Wind Power Plant432610

Harsh Environment
BuildingLevels BuiltConstruction LaborManufacture Runs
Airport Terminal112785
Design Studio1
Electronics Factory234611
Military Flag1
Nuclear Power Plant1127017
Police Station7
Retail Store11
Town Square8
Treatment Plant22861
Vehicle Factory35683


TypeHighest QualityHighest Tech LevelUses As WeaponKills Using ItemKilled By Item
Bay WeaponQ 252TL 323405
FeetQ 128TL 11
HandsQ 128TL 14
HeadQ 128TL 120
Turret at BaseQ 192TL 26164912
Turret on SpacecraftQ 250TL 3299

TypeBought CargoSold CargoBought InventorySold InventoryCrafted At IndustryCrafted By HandForagedEver In InventoryHighest QualityHighest Tech LevelUses On OthersUses On SelfUses As WeaponKills Using ItemKilled By Item
Air100681779YQ 252TL 32
Aircraft Factory Technology73YQ 255TL 32
Airport Repair Shop Technology10651YQ 255TL 32
Airport Terminal Technology32YQ 255TL 27
Animal Carcass342YQ 231TL 452
Animal Meat41950291YQ 249TL 32179
Antidote3500Q 252TL 32
Antiflux Particles877013214YQ 252TL 32
Antitoxin4633YQ 249TL 327
Apartment Technology19Q 255TL 32
Armorer Technology6841YQ 255TL 32
Atmosphere Condenser Bay Module157YQ 251TL 32
Bakery Technology9Q 255TL 32
Ballistic Weapon Bay Module18Q 251TL 32
Ballistic Weapon Turret Module9Q 250TL 32
Bank Technology24YQ 255TL 32
Beans495619YQ 229TL 2190
Beer5YQ 197TL 10
Blank Disk2511105YQ 253TL 32
Bomb Bl Black CatYQ 183TL 51
Bone2YQ 231TL 1
Bread5YQ 157TL 12
Broker Technology10Q 255TL 32
Building Design DiskYQ 253TL 32
Candy3YQ 160TL 1
Cantina Technology10Q 255TL 32
Capitol Technology1Q 255TL 32
Cheese5YQ 233TL 273
Church Technology5Q 255TL 32
Clamp2540YQ 253TL 32
Clothing Factory Technology9Q 255TL 32
Coal Power Plant Technology1Q 255TL 32
Command And Control Module148YQ 252TL 32
Computer1294632YQ 252TL 32
Computer Factory Technology535YQ 255TL 32
Condominium Technology20Q 255TL 32
Crate256334YQ 253TL 32
Cryo Heat Sink23120106Q 250TL 32
Crystal NecklaceYQ 253TL 17
Crystals2YQ 98TL 1
DNA Sample Kit1100YQ 245TL 31
Design Studio Technology41YQ 255TL 32
Electricity467Q 255TL 32
Electron Beam Lens4411Q 252TL 32
Electronic Part2044063415YQ 252TL 32
Electronics Factory Technology13991YQ 255TL 32
Eludium159159Q 243TL 1
Energy Weapon Bay Module6Q 250TL 32
Energy Weapon Turret Module2Q 251TL 32
Environment Suit61YQ 252TL 326
Environment Suit Helmet61YQ 253TL 3231
Explosives Factory Technology12041YQ 255TL 32
Fabric Clothing41YQ 253TL 32
Farm Technology51Q 255TL 32
Fish Meat2818YQ 199TL 2581
Fitting Wrench256021YQ 253TL 32
Flag5776641YQ 255TL 32
Freeze Ray LensTL 12
Fruit41YQ 231TL 150
Gems1YQ 160TL 1
Gigacell79061234YQ 253TL 32
Glue Gun223122YQ 253TL 32
Grain25YQ 174TL 122
Grapes14YQ 204TL 114
Grav Coupling390059Q 253TL 32
Grav Pack500YQ 252TL 32
Gravity Drive Module43YQ 251TL 32
Hammer222201947YQ 253TL 321
Hay19YQ 213TL 1
HeadYQ 195TL 11
Heavy Arms Ammunition Pi115936Q 249TL 32
Heavy Weapon635272YQ 252TL 32
Herbs5YQ 169TL 15
Hops4YQ 161TL 1
Hospital Technology8Q 255TL 32
House Technology20Q 255TL 32
Hydrogen11952662250YQ 252TL 32
Hydrogen Power Plant Module114YQ 251TL 32
Hydrogen Power Plant Technology4Q 255TL 32
Io Tube40760127Q 251TL 32
Ioplasma629Q 203TL 26
Jeweler Technology58Q 255TL 32
Knapsack11YQ 142TL 1
Knife51YQ 250TL 32308
Lantern1YQ 204TL 14
Large Flower Pot2YQ 115TL 1
Large Missile Bl Thumper255Q 236TL 30
Laser Pistol2891YQ 251TL 3211011531
Laser Rifle2383YQ 252TL 3211553197
Leather1YQ 231TL 1
Leather Clothing9135YQ 249TL 32
Log98YQ 214TL 1
Logging Camp Technology8Q 255TL 32
Lumber1368268YQ 199TL 25
Lumber Mill Technology50Q 255TL 32
Lumenite24911YQ 248TL 32
Machine Shop Technology304151YQ 255TL 32
MagmiumYQ 214TL 16
Magmium Power Armor131YQ 193TL 19
Magmium Power Armor Helmet101YQ 186TL 1939
Mechanical Part397762109Q 252TL 32
Medical Kit37031YQ 253TL 32111
Metal8345161252442YQ 252TL 32
Metal Body Armor2YQ 163TL 9
Metal Helmet2YQ 146TL 9
Metal Hull Module6Q 250TL 32
Metal Power Armor1YQ 169TL 85
Metal Power Armor Helmet2YQ 168TL 814
Microscope770010Q 252TL 32
Military Guard Tower Technology88YQ 255TL 32
Military Shield Generator Technology73YQ 255TL 32
Military Weapon System Technology8622YQ 255TL 32
Mine Technology6664848YQ 255TL 32
Minerals3YQ 163TL 1
Missile Launcher Bay Module15Q 251TL 32
Missile Launcher Turret Module2Q 250TL 32
Mission DiskYQ 253TL 32
Munitions Factory Technology17663YQ 255TL 32
Myrasplicer230112Q 255TL 32
Nuts11019YQ 237TL 2680
Observatory Technology36Q 255TL 32
Officer LogYQ 126TL 1
Oil3568160065YQ 245TL 31
Ore2YQ 73TL 1
Oscilloscope140Q 253TL 32
Paper5YQ 255TL 32
Particle Collector Bay Module18YQ 251TL 32
Pastry2YQ 175TL 1
Pharmaceutical Lab Technology305YQ 255TL 32
Pharmaceuticals2YQ 133TL 1
PistolYQ 139TL 18
Pistol AmmunitionYQ 241TL 21
Plant Fiber116YQ 216TL 1
Plastic757332110116YQ 255TL 32
Plastic Explosive259YQ 253TL 32
Plastic HelmetYQ 218TL 9
Plastics Factory Technology50171YQ 255TL 32
Pliers25471YQ 253TL 32
Prospector Bay Module187YQ 251TL 32
Pulse Laser Bay Module3Q 250TL 32
Refinery Technology13681614YQ 255TL 32
Retail Store Technology4Q 255TL 32
Rifle2YQ 154TL 18
Rifle Ammunition856YQ 247TL 19
Rocket Motor Factory Technology4041YQ 255TL 32
RumYQ 198TL 1
Screw Driver35671YQ 253TL 32
Seed41224YQ 216TL 1
Sensor Module12Q 251TL 32
Sewing Needle3550141YQ 252TL 32
Ship Design Disk9YQ 253TL 32
Ship Yard Technology5Q 255TL 30
Shotgun AmmunitionYQ 247TL 28
Shovel22240223YQ 253TL 3241
Siphon Bay Module176Q 251TL 32
Smelter Technology5192715YQ 255TL 32
Solar Power Plant Technology35Q 255TL 32
Soldering Iron3614132YQ 252TL 32
Spacecraft Factory Technology40112YQ 255TL 32
Spices21YQ 169TL 2221
Stone9086224320YQ 233TL 30
Sugar Mill Technology9Q 255TL 32
Tesloid Dissipator1726570Q 252TL 32
Textile Mill Technology85101YQ 255TL 32
Textiles33433294951YQ 253TL 32
Tongs259015YQ 253TL 321
TorchYQ 100TL 13
Torque Wrench2529Q 252TL 32
Tractor Beam Bay Module4Q 250TL 32
Treatment Plant Technology952228YQ 255TL 32
Type F PreonsYQ 96TL 13
Type K PreonsYQ 109TL 14
Type M PreonsYQ 164TL 21
Type O Preons7445Q 244TL 31
University Technology28861YQ 255TL 32
Utility Pouch601YQ 253TL 32
Vegetable245063YQ 217TL 23129
Vehicle Factory Technology165YQ 255TL 32
Vehicle Transporter Module7Q 251TL 32
Vodka2YQ 217TL 15
Vulcium1192912Q 199TL 25
Vulcium Knife200YQ 252TL 32552
Vulcium Power Armor251YQ 252TL 3243
Vulcium Power Armor Helmet251YQ 252TL 3271
Warehouse Technology8172916YQ 255TL 32
Warp Drive FTL Module15YQ 252TL 32
Water31YQ 252TL 32
Weapon Launcher Bay Module8Q 250TL 32
Weapon Launcher Turret Module6Q 250TL 32
Weapon Smith Technology144111YQ 255TL 32
Well Technology4492515YQ 255TL 32
Wharf Technology18Q 255TL 32
Whiskey5YQ 217TL 15
Wildcatter Bay Module163Q 251TL 32
Wind Power Plant Technology12Q 255TL 32
Winery Technology8Q 255TL 32
Wormhole Drive FTL Module14YQ 251TL 32
Woven HelmetYQ 155TL 20
Wrench36373YQ 253TL 32
Кала́шников2YQ 223TL 9151211

Spacecraft And Vehicles

TypeHighest QualityHighest Tech LevelUses As WeaponKills Using ItemKilled By Item
Space Fighter F2Q 250TL 3292

Spacecraft And Vehicles
TypeCapturedDead HeadedRepairs BoughtRepairs By HandUpgrades BoughtSectors TraversedWormholes
Farm Machinery1
Motor Bike26
Space Fighter F13
Space Fighter F2534


Tame Creatures
TypeKilled PaladinPaladin KilledDNA SampledSpecies NamedSpecies Studied
Aerial Herbivorous Aquarian1
Aerial Omnivorous Amphibian1
Aerial Omnivorous Amphibian14
Aerial Omnivorous Aquarian1
Aerial Omnivorous Aquarian1
Aerial Omnivorous Avian252
Aerial Omnivorous Avian5
Aerial Omnivorous Avian28
Aerial Omnivorous Avian1
Aerial Omnivorous Crustacean15
Aerial Omnivorous Crustacean1
Aerial Omnivorous Furrian1
Aerial Omnivorous Glabrian1
Aerial Omnivorous Glabrian58
Aerial Omnivorous Glabrian1
Aerial Omnivorous Glabrian214
Aerial Omnivorous Glabrian1
Aerial Omnivorous Glabrian1
Aerial Omnivorous Glabrian1
Aerial Omnivorous Glabrian1
Aerial Omnivorous Glabrian351
Aerial Omnivorous Glabrian1
Aerial Omnivorous Insectoid1
Aerial Omnivorous Insectoid1
Aerial Omnivorous Insectoid1
Aerial Omnivorous Insectoid1
Aerial Omnivorous Reptilian1
Aerial Omnivorous Reptilian1
Aerial Omnivorous Reptilian1
Aerial Omnivorous Reptilian1
Aerial Omnivorous Reptilian1
Aerial Omnivorous Reptilian1
Carnivorous Furrian1
Carnivorous Furrian1
Carnivorous Glabrian2
Herbivorous Crustacean1
Homo Sapiens1
Homo Sapiens Commercialus1
Ineptitudus Incarnatus3
Lantern Dragon1
Omnivorous Avian1
Omnivorous Avian1
Omnivorous Crustacean1
Omnivorous Glabrian1
Omnivorous Glabrian1
Omnivorous Glabrian1
Omnivorous Glabrian10
Omnivorous Glabrian1
Omnivorous Glabrian1
Omnivorous Glabrian1
Omnivorous Glabrian1
Omnivorous Glabrian135
Omnivorous Glabrian1
Omnivorous Glabrian1
Omnivorous Glabrian1
Omnivorous Glabrian24
Omnivorous Glabrian1
Omnivorous Glabrian1
Omnivorous Glabrian1
Omnivorous Glabrian1
Omnivorous Glabrian1
Omnivorous Glabrian1
Omnivorous Insectoid1
Omnivorous Reptilian1
Omnivorous Reptilian1
Omnivorous Reptilian1
Omnivorous Reptilian1
Omnivorous Reptilian1
Omnivorous Reptilian1
Omnivorous Reptilian1
Omnivorous Reptilian1
Omnivorous Reptilian1
PAAA Phoenix1227
Russian Human1
Scavenging Crustacean1
Tibberarious Rekksimus1
White Zet1
Wyvernus Prime1

Wild Creatures
TypeKilled PaladinPaladin KilledDNA SampledSpecies NamedSpecies Studied
Aerial Carnivorous Reptilian1
Amphibious Carnivorous Amphibian1
Amphibious Herbivorous Amphibian4
Amphibious Herbivorous Avian2
Amphibious Herbivorous Crustacean2
Amphibious Herbivorous Crustacean1
Amphibious Herbivorous Furrian2
Amphibious Herbivorous Furrian2
Amphibious Herbivorous Furrian1
Amphibious Omnivorous Reptilian1
Amphibious Scavenging Crustacean1
Aquaerial Carnivorous Avian1
Carnivorous Crustacean1
Carnivorous Glabrian1
Carnivorous Glabrian1
Herbivorous Aquarian1
Herbivorous Insectoid1
Herbivorous Reptilian2
Omnivorous Avian1
Omnivorous Furrian2
Omnivorous Glabrian1
Scavenging Avian2
Subterranean Amphibious Herbivorous Aquarian1
Subterranean Amphibious Omnivorous Amphibian1
Subterranean Herbivorous Avian1
Subterranean Omnivorous Amphibian1

Stars And Planets

Type And SizeSun Burn EVASun Burn APCSun Burn Farm MachinerySun Burn HelicopterSun Burn Motor BikeSun Burn RocketSun Burn Sail BoatSun Burn Space Fighter F1Sun Burn Space Fighter F2Sun Burn Space TransportSun Burn SubmarineSun Burn SUVSun Burn StationSun Burn SpaceshipSun Burn Starship
F II Bright Giant1
F Ib Weaker Supergiant1
F VI Subdwarf1
G V Main Sequence2
K VI Subdwarf1
M V Main Sequence3
Supermassive Black Hole11

Type, Atmosphere, OrbitTreaded HereFirst FlagsDeepest SwimHighest Fall CG DistanceBeam To LandBeam From LandBeam To SeaBeam From SeaArrived EVAArrived In APCArrived In Farm MachineryArrived In HelicopterArrived On Motor BikeArrived In RocketArrived On Sail BoatArrived In Space Figher F1Arrived In Space Figher F2Arrived In Space TransportArrived In SubmarineArrived In SUVArrived In StationArrived In SpaceshipArrived In StarshipDeparted EVADeparted In APCDeparted In Farm MachineryDeparted In HelicopterDeparted On Motor BikeDeparted In RocketDeparted On Sail BoatDeparted In Space Figher F1Departed In Space Figher F2Departed In Space TransportDeparted In SubmarineDeparted In SUVDeparted In StationDeparted In SpaceshipDeparted In Starship
Large Moon, Corrosive Atm, Inner OrbitY11,859.5m
Large Moon, Standard Atm, Habitable OrbitY0.1m10,865.3m2221
Large Moon, Tainted Atm, Habitable OrbitY0.4m9,949.4m2118
Large Moon, Tainted Atm, Inner OrbitY
Moon, Standard Atm, Frigid OrbitY1110
Moon, Standard Atm, Habitable OrbitY10,456.0m43
Moon, Standard Atm, Inferno OrbitY1
Moon, Standard Atm, Inner OrbitY2,398.7m22
Moon, Standard Atm, Outer OrbitY11
Planet, Corrosive Atm, Inner OrbitY5,278.6m3333
Planet, Exotic Atm, Frigid OrbitY44
Planet, Insidious Atm, Frigid OrbitY11
Planet, Standard Atm, Frigid OrbitY11
Planet, Standard Atm, Habitable OrbitY16.0m11,916.0m106871
Planet, Standard Atm, Inferno OrbitY22
Planet, Tainted Atm, Habitable OrbitY25.3m8,981.0m2416
Planet, Tainted Atm, Inferno OrbitY7,159.7m34
Planet, Tainted Atm, Outer OrbitY1413
Ringworld, Standard Atm, Habitable OrbitY1,499.1m5958
Ringworld, Tainted Atm, Habitable OrbitY1,489.6m55