Shores of Hazeron

Head of State Kenshi PJRTHJ
Home Mine at 108.53°E 17.50°S on Revolution IIIa
On Line No
On Line Time 3 days, 16 hours, 31 minutes
Stories Started 1
Stories Completed 0

SkillLevel SkillLevel
Captain268 City Planner2,752
Driver9 EV Suit62
Engineer9 Fire Control31
Forage44 Handcraft10
Helmsman114 Navigator4
Pilot6 Sensors99
Space Exploration57 Squad Leader79

Aerial Omnivorous Glabrian
Lineage Avatar
Decanted Wed Feb 24 01:18:16 2016 GMT
Gender Female
Handedness Right-handed
Health 29 of 29
Stamina 239 of 239
Hunger 0 of 58
Children Conceived 4

Rising Star Union
Rising Star Union FlagLeader General Secretary Vasiliy Aristarkhov
Reputation -1
Credit Limit 25,000¢
Government Target Value
Domain Governed By Head of State Kenshi