Shores of Hazeron

Shipwright Deltova HQSZHD
Berthed Aboard VVGVEKE
Home Spacecraft Factory at 125.60°E 3.14°S in Havens Utopia
On Line No
On Line Time 41 days, 17 hours, 52 minutes
Stories Started 2
Stories Completed 0

SkillLevel SkillLevel
Architect60 Captain1824
City Planner8775 Construction873
EV Suit110 Engineer1
Exobiology11 Fire Control425
Forage188 Handcraft43
Helmsman233 Manufacture4
Navigator337 Sensors58
Space Exploration221 Squad Leader540

Aerial Carnivorous Avian
Species Havenite Oligarchy
Lineage Avatar
Decanted Tue Sep 22 03:18:31 2015 GMT
Gender Female
Handedness Right-handed
Health 29 of 29
Stamina 223 of 223
Hunger 29 of 58
Children Conceived 1
Children Born 1

Havenite Shipyards
Havenite Shipyards FlagLeader Shipwright Deltova
Reputation 571
Credit Limit 57,150,000¢
Government Target Value 249
Domain Governed By Shipwright Deltova