Shores of Hazeron

Crimson Wing

Crimson Wing by Crimson Jack
Tech Level 32
Armor Level 0 = TL1
15,709m³ Hull = TL12
Engineer Console, Warp Drive FTL Module = TL24, Part Id 103
Life Support Gravity Module = TL2
Manufacture = TL32
Estimated Cost 6,859,000¢ at TL32 Using Q248 Components

Metal Hull Module TL1
Unarmored Absorbs 10% 10hp Kinetic Damage, 10% 10hp Energy Damage
15,709m³ Volume
44m Length
72m Width
8m Height
2,160,338kg Mass
1,842,402kg Equipment
62,370kg Fuel
255,566kg Hull

3,000m³ Maneuver Drive
Gravity Drive Module TL1
216m/sec² Acceleration
35m/sec² Vertical Acceleration
Power Consumption
0.1799 Terawatts Idling: Life Support, Maneuver Drive, Sensor Powered On.
0.0592 Terawatts Holding: Life Support, Sensor Powered On. Maneuver Drive Holding.
6,000m³ Capacitor
Capacitor Module TL1
Storage 827.69 Terajoules.
1,000m³ Power Plant
Hydrogen Power Plant Module TL1
Ouput 10.73 Terawatts
Capacitor Fill Time 78 sec While Idling
794m³ FTL Drive
Warp Drive FTL Module TL24, Part Id 103
793m³ Sufficient to Engage
Maximum Warp Factor 1
50.62 Terajoules to Engage at Warp 1

891m³ Fuel Cell
31,465 Units of Hydrogen (H²)
20.2 days at 1,554.29 Units H² per Real Day Idling
61.5 days at 511.40 Units H² per Real Day Holding

Command And Control Module TL1
Command Console, Part Id 101
Command Console, Part Id 104
Engineer Console, Warp Drive FTL Module, Part Id 103
Helm Console, Part Id 102
Navigator Console, Part Id 106
Power Relay Console, Part Id 109
Sensor Console, Sensor Module, Part Id 108
24m³ Life Support
Life Support Gravity Module TL2
1,000m³ Sensor
Sensor Module TL2
Planetary Range 938,164m

5 Crew Stations

1 Capt Berths
3 Officer Berths
6 Crew Berths
2 Troop Berths

3,000m³ Storage Space
Room for 35,314 Commodities
Room for 25 TEUs

44,500 Total Hit Points
28,170 Structure Hit Points
1,590 Fuel Cell
5,370 Hold
21,210 Hull
16,330 Equipment Hit Points
70 Command and Control
4,130 Maneuver Drive
30 Life Support
1,370 Power Plant
1,370 Sensor
1,090 FTL Drive
8,270 Capacitor

Estimated Build Time 12 minutes, 42 seconds.
40 Air
5,385 Electronic Part
1,670 Mechanical Part
5,912 Metal
1,846 Plastic
35 Textiles
418 Grav Coupling
220 Antiflux Particles TL24
7 Computer
Fitting Wrench
Screw Driver
Soldering Iron
Glue Gun
Sewing Needle