Shores of Hazeron

450m Killstar

450m Killstar by tackeart
Tech Level 31
Armor Level 3.35 = TL3
39,794,600m³ Hull = TL31
Engineer Console, Warp Drive FTL Module = TL24, Part Id 18
Vulcium Hull Module = TL19
Manufacture = TL31
Estimated Cost 29,800,345,600¢ at TL31 Using Q240 Components

Vulcium Hull Module TL19
Armor 3.35 Absorbs 58% 249hp Kinetic Damage, 58% 249hp Energy Damage
39,794,600m³ Volume
427m Length, Must Spawn at Station
449m Width, Must Spawn at Station
449m Height, Must Spawn at Station
7,934,604,183kg Mass
5,525,418,403kg Equipment
24,149,720kg Fuel
2,385,036,060kg Hull

10,290,584m³ Maneuver Drive
Gravity Drive Module TL1
202m/sec² Acceleration
33m/sec² Vertical Acceleration
Power Consumption
467.38 Terawatts Idling: Life Support, Maneuver Drive, Sensor Powered On. Shields Down.
1027.35 Terawatts Idling with Shields Up: Life Support, Maneuver Drive, Sensor Powered On. Shields Up.
53.3404 Terawatts Holding: Life Support, Sensor Powered On. Maneuver Drive Holding. Shields Down.
613.311 Terawatts Holding with Shields Up: Life Support, Sensor Powered On. Maneuver Drive Holding. Shields Up.
3,119,743m³ Capacitor
Capacitor Module TL1
Storage 430,362.04 Terajoules.
1,621,020m³ Power Plant
Hydrogen Power Plant Module TL1
Ouput 17,392.38 Terawatts
Capacitor Fill Time 26 sec While Idling With Shields Up
63,658m³ FTL Drive
Warp Drive FTL Module TL24, Part Id 18
10,805m³ Sufficient to Engage
Maximum Warp Factor 1
693.02 Terajoules to Engage at Warp 1

344,996m³ Fuel Cell
12,183,418 Units of Hydrogen (H²)
3.0 days at 4,038,163.66 Units H² per Real Day Idling
1.4 days at 8,876,312.99 Units H² per Real Day Idling with Shields Up
26.4 days at 460,860.85 Units H² per Real Day Holding
2.3 days at 5,299,010.18 Units H² per Real Day Holding with Shields Up

Command And Control Module TL1
Command Console, Part Id 17
Engineer Console, Warp Drive FTL Module, Part Id 18
Fire Control Console, Energy Weapon Bay Module, Part Id 20
Helm Console, Part Id 21
Medic Console, Surgery Medical Module, Part Id 22
Navigator Console, Part Id 23
Sensor Console, Sensor Module, Part Id 24
Shield Console, Energy Shield Module, Part Id 25
Transporter Console, Personnel Transporter Module, 6 Pads, Part Id 27
28m³ Life Support
Life Support Gravity Module TL2
164,068m³ Sensor
Sensor Module TL2
System Range 153,922,540m
12,525,818m³ Shield
Energy Shield Module TL4
Absorbs 6% 281342hp Kinetic Damage per Side
Absorbs 7% 281342hp Energy Damage per Side

Bay 20, 4,084,971m³
Energy Weapon Bay Module TL4
22,542 Beam Projectors
Targeting Range 29,794m
Capacitor Adequate for 19 Consecutive Shots of Energy Weapons at Full Power
Example Firing Electron Beam Lens TL4 Flawed Q28
One Beam Damage 92-229hp
Full Bundle of 22,542 Damage 2,051,323-5,162,118hp

8 Crew Stations

1 Capt Berths
1 Officer Berths
8 Crew Berths
25,173 Cryo Berths

805,889m³ Storage Space
Room for 9,486,567 Commodities
Room for 6,975 TEUs

793,243,890 Total Hit Points
749,279,920 Structure Hit Points
6,495,820 Fuel Cell
15,173,820 Hold
727,610,280 Hull
43,963,970 Equipment Hit Points
90 Command and Control
14,195,640 Maneuver Drive
30 Life Support
2,236,160 Power Plant
226,320 Sensor
17,279,100 Shield
10 Medical
60 Transporter
5,635,130 Weapon
87,810 FTL Drive
4,303,620 Capacitor

Estimated Build Time 19 days, 18 hours, 10 minutes, 16 seconds.
40 Air
13,359,196 Electronic Part
5,855,605 Mechanical Part
6,702,480 Metal
3,842,008 Plastic
37 Textiles
1,419,569 Grav Coupling
1,727,911 Cryo Heat Sink TL4
563,514 Heavy Weapon
17,564 Antiflux Particles TL24
9 Computer
6 Io Tube TL7
652,368 Vulcium TL19
Fitting Wrench
Screw Driver
Soldering Iron
Torque Wrench
Glue Gun
Sewing Needle