Shores of Hazeron

Scout Y2b

Scout Y2b by Haxus
Tech Level 2
Armor Level 0 = TL1
1,104m³ Hull = TL2
Sensor Console, Sensor Module = TL2, Part Id 64
Manufacture = TL2
Estimated Cost 124,000¢ at TL2 Using Q192 Components

Metal Hull Module TL1
Unarmored Absorbs 10% 10hp Kinetic Damage, 10% 10hp Energy Damage
1,104m³ Volume
28m Length
21m Width
9m Height
161,758kg Mass
145,160kg Equipment
1,400kg Fuel
15,198kg Hull

208m³ Maneuver Drive
Gravity Drive Module TL1
200m/sec² Acceleration
32m/sec² Vertical Acceleration
Power Consumption
0.0172 Terawatts Idling: Life Support, Maneuver Drive, Sensor Powered On.
0.0088 Terawatts Holding: Life Support, Sensor Powered On. Maneuver Drive Holding.
326m³ Capacitor
Capacitor Module TL1
Storage 44.97 Terajoules.
20m³ Power Plant
Hydrogen Power Plant Module TL1
Ouput 0.21 Terawatts
Capacitor Fill Time 228 sec While Idling
330m³ FTL Drive
Wormhole Drive FTL Module TL1, Part Id 13
328m³ Sufficient to Engage
Polarities: Positive
44.62 Terajoules to Engage

20m³ Fuel Cell
706 Units of Hydrogen (H²)
4.8 days at 148.32 Units H² per Real Day Idling
9.3 days at 76.01 Units H² per Real Day Holding

Command And Control Module TL1
Command Console, Part Id 106
Command Console, Part Id 107
Engineer Console, Wormhole Drive FTL Module, Part Id 13
Helm Console, Part Id 9
Navigator Console, Part Id 10
Sensor Console, Sensor Module, Part Id 64
6m³ Life Support
Life Support Module TL1
170m³ Sensor
Sensor Module TL2
Planetary Range 159,488m

4 Crew Stations

1 Capt Berths
1 Officer Berths
4 Crew Berths
1 Cryo Berths

20m³ Storage Space
Room for 235 Commodities
Room for 0 TEUs

3,160 Total Hit Points
1,670 Structure Hit Points
30 Fuel Cell
30 Hold
1,610 Hull
1,490 Equipment Hit Points
60 Command and Control
280 Maneuver Drive
10 Life Support
20 Power Plant
230 Sensor
450 FTL Drive
440 Capacitor

Estimated Build Time 3 minutes, 30 seconds.
10 Air
588 Electronic Part
125 Mechanical Part
700 Metal
222 Plastic
19 Textiles
29 Grav Coupling
46 Lumenite
6 Computer
Fitting Wrench
Screw Driver
Soldering Iron
Glue Gun
Sewing Needle